Friday, November 6, 2009

How Tuesday became Sunday! looks like Brooke will be coming a few days early. We will be going to the hospital on Sunday and having the little munchkin around 8 in the morning. Yippee! Let's just get her out of there! I had a Non Stress Test yesterday and today. She looks really good and has good heart sounds, movement and fluid, but the doctor is concerned about her fetal movement at night (it isn't quite up to his standards and makes me lie awake at night praying that she will move and that I don't have to go to the hospital). So he moved the c-section to Sunday!
As for Tori...we just took her to her 18 month Dr's appointment (her new Dr is going to be great! and didn't even question me about having an alternative vaccination schedule!). She weighs 22 pounds (3%) and is 31 inches long (50%). She has always been skinny, but average height, so she is doing great. She is healthy and got her flu vaccine. The doctor thinks that she might have some eczema (we have noticed dry red spots on her skin) and she recommended some lotions, but other than that she is doing great and is cutting her final molar!
Of course I won't leave you without pictures!
Tori over the past 18 months:

First of all notice that she started out with dark hair, grey eyes and pretty dark skin. (in the hospital...3 days old)

Still has grey eyes, but her skin is lighter and her hair is blonde! (4 months)

I think that her eyes turned Hazel here...she is 8 months.

She is 14 months here...with blonde hair and hazel eyes.

Here she is all 18 months of her! What a cutie!


Lora said...

Yay!!! I am sooo excited. Sad that I am not going to be able to see Brooke until the end of January but that is OK. I expect an obscene amount of pictures to be coming through your blog.....I demand it!!! Tori did start out with a glimmer of hope in becoming a brown baby, but in the end she wanted to be creamy white like her daddy! She is too cute! Love her! Love you!, oh, and Jason too. Miss ya. xoxo

Cassidy said...

I am so excited for you and your fam! I am like your sister and demand pics...and lots of them! Post as soon as you can after she gets here. Good luck! Miss you!

Alla said...

I hope everything goes well, Kendra! I am getting induced on Monday morning. Can't wait for the pictures.

Heather said...

what's your alternative vaccination schedule??? and why?