Monday, November 23, 2009

I know...where have I been?!

Well...our computer got a virus or something and we were without Internet for a week or something and we had to back everything up and whole reboot our computer . This blog has a lot of pictures. Sorry...I don't have enough time for more than one blog. I am hoping that Brooke won't wake up while I am doing this! :)

Here is little Brooke. She is 4 days old here. I think that this is her first day home. And that is Brooke in her carrier...on her way to the doctors.

Here she is in her first tanning bed. She didn't like it all that much until Jason thought to put her blanket in there. 8 hours of cooking and she was as good as new!

Tori enjoying a little time with me and Brooke. She is still not so happy that I can't lift her up all the time...I must admit that I do cheat sometimes and lift her. All of these pictures of Tori in her argyle are for my sister. This was one of Liv's dresses and it is adorable!

Tori and her antics. She will only eat with an Elmo bib and here she is climbing like a monkey!

Tori likes to observe Brooke. I still don't think she has any clue of what she is. Tori loves to play in warm laundry.

This is the best shot I had of the whole outfit Lora! Sorry it is kind of blurry. Tori with Jason...relaxing on a Sunday.

Tori has a boyfriend. Although he is married, I don't think she cares. Adam and Tiff came up for a visit too! It was great to see them. We miss them so much! I wish that they would visit every weekend! Tori also has learned to climb on kitchen chairs and then on to the table! I am in trouble!!!!

A Brooke photo shoot! Isn't she so cute! I love her cuddly preemie clothes! (Thanks Mom!)

Brooke with her eyes far they are dark blue with light blue surrounding the iris. So pretty! I hope she gets to keep them! My mom bought Brooke this outfit! It is a little big, but I has to get her dressed! Adorable! I miss my mom already! She went home yesterday. I am flying solo today...oh oh...I hear the milk beast now! I must feed Brooke!


B2 said...

Congrats you guys! She's adorable!! We are so happy for you! Glad she is here healthy and happy!

Jessica said...

Awww! She's so tiny and so sweet!!!! And Tori is growing up just way too fast. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Glad you are all doing awesome!! : D

Seattle Williams said...

She is just precious!! Congratulations!!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

Lora said...

She is so tiny. Her eyes are gigantic!I hope they stay blue, Oscar would love having a cousin with blue eyes like him. I cannot wait to hold her. Tori looks adorable in that little argyle dress, that was one of my favorite outfits. Miss you guys. Love you.

Alla said...

She is adorable! I am so happy for you, Kendra. I hope you are feeling better.