Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving and Christmas with the Dingers

I am typing this blog with one hand. Tori is down for a nap and Brooke just ate! The Dingers (Gwen, Dennis & Marie) came up for Thanksgiving right after my mom left. I was solo for only like 7 hours. :) anyway, it was fun to have them here and to help out with our Thanksgiving feast.

Here is a tender picture of Brooke in the other little outfit that my mother bought her and with the blanket that she made!

Thanksgiving. Jason doing the honors of slicing the turkey. It is the first time that we used our electric knife. Then there is Tori with her little Thanksgiving feast. She mainly just played with all of the food and had a roll and some milk.

Chilling after the big feast. I didn't stuff myself, that was for the earlier years! Tori is pretending to be stuffed here!

Well...I know this is a little weird, but we had Christmas the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We knew that we wouldn't be able to be together and that Jason and I can't really travel with the munchkins during the winter so we celebrated Christmas! Tori is sporting a pink tutu that her Auntie Marie made her while opening her presents. She got some blocks and some "pretties" (or necklaces and bracelets). She loved to open the gifts, but got tired of the whole thing pretty quickly.

Tori in her new killer shades.

Ahh...Jason with Brookie.

The whole fam.

Tori enjoying her new blocks!

She is so excited!

Last but not least some pictures of Brooke today. A whole 3 weeks old!

Is that a smile? So stinking cute!


Lora said...

That last picture of Brooke is killer cute. She looks so alert and awake, I love it. Tori's hair is looking so cute, she looks so grown up. Give my girls a GIGANTIC squeeze for me. Love you tons!

Heather said...

Oh my gosh, Brooke is adorable! Love the family picture too!

Cassidy said...

Hey Kendra we had Christmas on Saturday too!!! We had some family in from Arizona so we exchanged gifts so we didn't have to ship things. The boys loved it but now Cole knows how to open I won't be doing much wrapping until Christmas eve! Your girls are so STINKIN cute! Miss you!

Jessica said...

That so IS a smile!! I love it. So beautiful. What a fun week for you guys!! I tried to stuff myself but after 3 bites this baby wouldn't let me eat anymore. Well, I exaggerated just a little but it sure felt that way!!