Tuesday, December 8, 2009

1st month and 1st Snow

Well...not much to say. Brooke is getting longer...not really bigger. Last time we checked (Friday) she was 6 1/2 pounds and 20 1/2 inches long. She is 3 ounces fatter and 1 1/2 inches longer! Which means she is tall and skinny. Anyway...we had our first snow yesterday. Tori donned her little snow suit and her boots from her grandparents (on the Dinger side) and played out in the snow with Daddy...well...she could barely move and wasn't exactly sure about the snow. She was still freezing! Enjoy the pictures.

Ummm...why am I in this snow suit and why is there white stuff on our porch?

Wow! I am totally adorable in this get up! It's freezing out here!

The cutest picture of Tori and Daddy coming in from the snow!

Brooke at 1 month! (Sorry no open eyes today...she is growing and needs her beauty rest!)

If you want to see something really freaky go back to May 2008 in our archive and you will see how much Tori and Brooke look alike. It is kind of ridiculous. Tori just has more hair!


Lora said...

Miss you, miss you, miss you. I can't wait to hold that new little baby and play with Tori. You might not get either of them back!!! so cute. Love you.

Sawyers Family said...

She is so darn cute!!
It's so funny to see Tori experiencing snow for the "first" time, because you know she doesn't remember from last year! But one of these times, she'll remember what it was like and probably love it just like Jason!