Monday, December 14, 2009

More pictures

Another week...nothing too exciting here. I did go to my first three hour block of church yesterday. that was cool...I was holding out because the baby is so small and all of the flus and RSV, etc. but I went anyway. It was great to talk to people and even better to have someone to talk to while breastfeeding! That was the best. Breastfeeding really isn't my favorite so far. I hope it gets better, or this mama might quit early. I was hoping to go 6 months like I did with Tori (but I pumped with her). I have debated just quitting and pumping, but there is so much work cleaning all the parts and then there is all of the bottles. Plus I don't think that I am producing enough milk as it is. Ugh!!! And the discomfort of it all!!! Anyway, enough of my are the kids!

I just had to put some pictures of Tori in this little cardi...and she also has all of her hair in pigtails! Her hair is getting so long!

This is one of her favorite pastimes. She loves to lounge in the swing (so does the cat). The one who really belongs in the swing (Ms. Brooke) really isn't that fond of it!

Ha ha...I know this is blurry, but I caught one of her smiles on camera. She started smiling (occasionally) last Thursday.

All bundled up. We wet out for a night on the town. She stayed hidden in her seat the whole time nice and cozy like.

I love her hair after a bath.Totally fuzzy.

This is what she looks like right now! I took these just minutes ago!

What a snuggler!

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Lora said...

Awww....she looks so cuddly! I can't wait to hold her. Don't be too hard on yourself about the whole breastfeeding thing, honestly. If you don't feel like things are working out and it is just too stressful then stop if that is what YOU feel is right. You are not a bad mom if you stop. Lets face it, our boobs suck. TMI--I think so. We were just not meant to breastfeed. Formula it up!!!! Then I can feed Brooke the whole time when I come and visit you! Love you. Thanks for all of the pictures. :) I will try to get a new post up soon. My problem is, is that I do not get the camera out enough!!! Love you.