Monday, December 21, 2009

Gingerbread with a chance of peace!

One handed, so it will be short! Gingerbread: you will see the picture later. Peace: 2 nights of Brooke sleeping in her bassinet. Solution: Putting a blanket under the cushion of her bassinet so that it is elevated, being wrapped like a mummy with one arm free and being lulled to sleep by songs of twirling lambs. :)

A cute one of Brookie!

The blur! Tori has turned into an extremely active toddler. She us always on the run (usually with something that she shouldn't have in her hands!) I had to get a picture of this! Tori is now experimenting with the thought of life without clothing. I am trying to nix the idea!

Mmmmm...gingerbread from Grandma Frann! She devoured it!

Tori loves to massage my feet...which is really rubbing with a bit of pinching.The next one is a great one of her eyes! So unique!

Nothing like kicking up your feet on a Sunday with a spoon of peanut butter and the Muppets!

A very warm bath is now welcome! Brooke now likes to hang out in the tub!

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Jessica said...

Ha ha. I love that picture of Tori with her shirt almost off! Keep it up, tori! Make your mom go crazy!!! ha ha. jk. And Brooke is as sweet as ever!!! : D