Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Brooke's Blessing

Brooke's blessing was on Sunday. Jason's parents came Thursday night for the festivities. They were in California, but drove up all the way to Idaho (leaving Wednesday morning) so that they could take care of the girls on Thursday night and Jason and I could go on a date. We went to Costa Vida (a Cafe Rio knock off that was ok, but can anything compare?!) and then we saw Avatar (which was surprisingly a good movie and I am sure would be awesome in 3D except that I get really sick in 3D movies). Thanks Dennis and Gwen.
Both of my parents were supposed to come for the blessing, but my Mom had a feeling not to come because she was feeling a little under the weather. Friday morning she went to the doctor and she had an inner ear infection! Good thing she went to the doctor and didn't get on the plane or she would have been in so much pain. I am glad that my mom listened to the Spirit. So my Dad came by himself and Tori was really excited to see him.
Saturday afternoon Jason's parents gave him his birthday present. They made him 2 photo albums of his childhood and family history. They are amazing! They worked really hard on them. He also got stuff for his Wii (a new nun chuck and Wii motion sleeve). It was really fun to watch Dennis and my dad play the Wii with Jason! We also went to the Cheesecake Factory which Jason has now decided is one of his favorite restaurants because he likes more than one thing on the menu. Mmmmm.... you just gotta love the fact that there are like 80 different cheesecakes and I have such a hard time deciding shich one to get (I ended up with oreo!).
Sunday was great. Brooke's blessing was beautiful and she looked pretty in her dress (thanks Auntie Joy!). All of the accessories were from my mom. Boy my children are spoiled! We said bye to my dad that afternoon (my Dad came to the car and said goodbye to Tori who then wailed because he was leaving her. Although it was sad to see him go, I am glad that Tori loves him so much she wanted him to stay!).
We spent the rest of Sunday evening in the car for a whirlwind trip to Utah. One of Jason's cousins, Ryan Flinders (age 24) died suddenly and we went to the funeral so that Jason could be one of the pall bearers. It was nice to see all of the family but a sad reason to be gathered all together. Ryan was so young, but he was in a lot of pain because of some physical ailments that he had been dealing with his whole life. he will be missed, but we know that he can now serve a mission and not feel anymore pain.
Well, I hope you enjoy this long post and all of the pictures! (I cannot believe that baby is still asleep! It is 9:15 AM!) And Tori is being an angel playing by herself!

Dad enjoying his little girls. He is so good at calming Brookie and Tori loves him!


I think the reason that Tori loves my Dad so much is because he will get down on the floor and play with her and read her every book that she shoves at him.

Looking at the camera (sorry about the bad flash...we are going to have to get that fixed or washes out everything because it is too powerful!)

Ahhh! Brookie!

A little yawn. I love this dress because it has such beautiful little details!

More of the little girl.

Gotta love this picture!

Tori doesn't really like taking pictures with Brooke.

Love this one too!

Tori with my dad.

Ahhh! Brookie with Grandma and Grandpa

3 generations with Grandpa Lee

I put both of these on because Tori looks adorable in this picture and Brooke looks cute in the other one!

Brookie with Grandpa Lee

Tori with Grandma and Grandpa.

Tori was asleep by the time Jason got back, so it is just us with Brookie.
Brookie with me!

Brookie with her daddy...ahh! I love that she is all scrunched up!

One more with daddy looking at the camera. Brooke was about done with pictures then!

Here are some random ones of the girls to end with. I had to put this one of Tori because it shows off her Elmo socks. She has about 5 pairs of character socks (some of which so not fit as well as they used to) and if she could choose, she would wear them with every outfit. I loved brooke in this outfit. It made her eyes super blue.


Jessica said...

She looks so beautiful in that dress! What a special day! And it's neat to see that your inlaws and dad could be there. Can I ask where you got the headband? I think it's GORGEOUS!!!

Jessica said...

Oh and I love Tori's expression in the pictures with Brooke. hilarious!!!

Katie said...

That dress is beautiful!

Marc and Kim Wheeler said...

I love the dress. Brooke is so cute, and Tori is looking like such a big girl now. They are so cute. I love having two girls, don't you? We miss you guys.

Lora said...

So cute. This post has made me even more excited to come and see you, and it has also made miss my daddy very much!!! I wish that I could have been there with you guys. I love dad he is such a good grandpa. miss you.

Williams Family said...

darling! what sweet memories