Monday, January 18, 2010

Serious Silliness

I am sitting at the computer desk at the best time of the day (of course I am multi-tasking and eating a humongous salad with Newman's Own Light Balsamic Vinegrette all over it) when both girls are down for a nap and I have about an hour of time (let's not call it free time because I am usually doing something like laundry or dishes and sneaking in a shower and lunch) to do things!
So here are a few pictures of the girlies having fun. We like to have fun in this house! Tori's favorite ways to have fun are reading, playing with her toys (right now her favorite is the little people farm) and DANCING! She is an amazing dancer. She sure can move her groove thing. Yesterday was Stake Conference and I giggled when one of the speakers said that we need to watch what music we listen to! Ha! Our music list consists of the Wiggles, Ralph's World and Sesame Street! If we were going to heaven based on the music we listen to, I think we are there! She also loves to climb on anything and everything!
Here are some fun pictures from this last week!

Tori has recently learned to take off all of her clothes. She hasn't tried the diaper yet, and hopefully never will. Here is some of her dinner shenanigans. Look at the mess on her tray! The thrills of eating by herself.

I caught her on camera smiling! I had to use the mega flash so that she wouldn't have blur marks from moving, but she sure is cute when she smiles. She is climbing on the chairs and trying to get into the bassinet.

Check out her is getting so long. Talk to the hand!

I love this picture even though it is a little weird angle.

This is a picture of her dancing!

Ahhh...Brookie! She is in the warmest pair of pajamas. She is officially in size 0-3 months and at the last Doctor's visit she weighed an even 10 pounds and was 21 inches long! (I can't believe that some babies are actually born that big!)

She is totally grinning at Tori and her lambies. Tori loves to play with her in her bassinet.


Here is the cutie in her Sunday outfit that Jason picked out! Adorable!

Here she is grinning! She is so fun when she is awake!
Now off for a shower...hopefully they won't wake up! And maybe I will fit in some laundry! Wish me luck!!
UPDATE: I got in a shower and started the laundry! And both of the kids have been sleeping for 2 1/2 hours! Yipee!


Grams said...

I love these pictures. Thanks for blogging. Other wise I would have to visit you every other weekend. And the other weekend would be with Lora.....Keep a disk for me for pictures for me. Love you lots. Give the girls a kiss and a hug from Grandpa and me.

Lora said...

I miss you so much too!!! In a perfect world we would be next door neighbors and hang out during the day and have gigantic family dinners together every night! Tori is getting so big and I am so excited that I get to play with her NEXT week. She is too cute. That Brookie looks exactly like Jason. She is adorable, and that smile of hers is so cute!!! 9 days!!!! That picture of Tori and Brooke together (where Brooke is looking at her lamb mobile is so cute). Love you!!! Don't cry, that always just makes me cry!!!!