Friday, January 1, 2010

Rachel, 28th Birthday and New Years

Well...for the last couple of days Rachel (one of my besties) was here to play with our family. It was so nice to have someone to talk to and play games with. She is amazing and I wish that we still lived super close so that we could hang out every once in a while. Although we didn't do anything too exciting (weather and a new baby to damper the cool things that you can do in bumpin' Meridian) it was fun just to hang out. We did go to the mall where I convinced her to buy clothes that were on super sale (not much convincing was really needed)...Brooke slept the whole time we were there. She has been sleeping a lot lately and drinking a ton too! I think she is going through a growth spurt. the trip ended with quite an explosion out of Tori's lower extremities which involved a diaper over her stretch pants and a plastic bag under her tooshie in the car. It was too extreme to change before we got home. YIKES! And of course Rachie was the one who discovered the treasure (sorry Rach!).
Our New Years Eve was spent celebrating Jason's 28th birthday. He requested an oreo pie crust filled to the brim with chocolate peanut butter Tillamook ice cream. So his wish was granted and boy it was really tasty! I must say that Rachie probably thought we were the most dead beet married couple, because after we watched the 30 Rock marathon (10 o'clock) we were wasted. I slept off in on with a feeding here and there until midnight rolled around. Rachie has already given up on us and went to bed herself. I did spend my first hours of the New Year with Brooke who didn't go to sleep until 1:30. But she slept until 5 and then went back to sleep and is still sleeping at this moment.
We miss you already Rachie! Come back soon and maybe we will be more exciting!

Tori decided that the bassinet is her new play area. She is way too big to be sleeping in there!

The "big sister" sporting all of her "pretties"

ahhh!!! She looks a little like Mr. T!

The happy girl in the cutes outfit...Jason picked this one out!

She is talking here! She coos a ton!

Ahhh...with the little jacket on.


Sawyers Family said...

Happy Birthday Jason! 28! Man you're old!...wait, I'm even older!
Hope you had a good night and that pie sounds yummy!

Rachel Holtkamp said...

Dude, you were NOT boring at all! My New Year's Eve was made even better since I got to spend it with you guys! Love you so much! Thanks again!