Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Baby Ryah Comes to Visit (Oh, Adam & Tiffany Too)

Ryah Tate Dunn and her first visit to Meridian. She is 4 months old now and way bigger than we saw her in October! She even has blond hair...and I am sure those eyes are going to stay blue. She is dang CUTE and a very chill little baby. We had several photo sessions, and I think I took about 60 pictures of her...and I got one of Tiffany and one of Adam...they both were not looking at the camera! Ha ha ha!
Ryah and I had several talks about the bean within. I told her to tell me if it is just another best friend or if it is her soul mate. If I am carrying a little boy bean, I promised her that we would finalize a contract of future nuptials within minutes of his arrival!
Who wouldn't want to be a part of a Dunn Dinger family?!

Adam & Tiffany came to visit us for a long weekend! We were so excited there are not even words to describe! We played games galore, talked an absurd amount and stayed up way to late! Did I get one picture to document our fun. NOPE. Oh well. We also stuffed ourselves with various scrumptious delights. It was pure HEAVEN in a 5 day period. We played Pandemic (a board game) at least a 1/2 a dozen times trying to beat the dang game. Finally after manipulating roles, we finally won. But I am still wondering if it can be done without manipulation.

Baby Ryah was definitely a hit on this trip (well, with at least 3 of the 4 Dingers... Brooke just wanted to steal her binky and poke her. She wasn't all that interested) and Tori LOVED baby Ryah. It was adorable! Tori was all over her. She would say, "Oh, Baby Ryah is so CUTE!" every time she entered the room. Of course this adoration did not at all mask the fact that her favorite human (ADAM) came for a visit. She was stuck to him like glue. Tori loves Adam and Tiffany a lot! When they left, there were crocodile tears.

I think that Ryah loves her mommy. I LOVE this picture! (oh and this is the only picture that I got of Tiff, or at least her head).

Of course one of our food ventures was Community Oven Pizza. YUMMY! After stuffing our face with pizza, the girls played outside with Daddy and Adam. I love that big picture of Tori, but it is blurry. Oh, and there is our little tree hugger.

Jason and Adam played their fair share of "Bad Guys" aka Lego Star Wars. So they brought out our gaming chairs. The girls loved them, especially Brooke. Here are some cute pictures of the little munchkin. I think that we are going to have to retire this dress soon, because it is getting close to being more of a shirt! Ha ha ha! Look at those curls!

We of course ventured outside for a few minutes with Daddy. Brooke explored in the grass and Tori found lots of rocks to join her rock family on the side of the house.
I didn't get any pictures of our Super Game Bowl Day. We really aren't that interested in the Super Bowl, so we just made all of the snack foods and played our version of the Super Bowl...Pandemic, Boggle and Blockus. FUN!
All amazing things must come to an end, and the Dunns had to go back home. Noooooooooo! Well, hopefully we will be traveling down there to see them again. WE MISS YOU ALREADY!

These pictures were taken today. Tori actually allowed Brooke in the laundry basket with her. Tori is slowly allowing Brooke to play with her more and more. It is so fun. Tori loves to pretend talk to Brooke. It is quite a hilarious conversation. Brooke news: she has all 4 molars coming in at the same time. YIKES. She isn't too cranky about it, but it sure looks like it would hurt. Glad I don't remember that stuff. Once am I making a blog at 4 in the afternoon. The girls are happily playing together! AMAZING!


A Mormon Mommy said...

I can't get over your cuties!!
Hey! I have a hairbow giveaway on my blog go check it out!! I'm sure you need some more girlie stuff :)

Alli said...

Cute cute cute!

adunn_dev said...

Oh we miss you! Love the pictures of all of the girls. I am just slightly partial though. Just so you know Adam and I have been singing Disney songs every day since we left :)