Thursday, February 3, 2011

Finally February!

I am not such a fan of January! It is the LONGEST and WORST month of the year. It is always COLD and MISERABLE! (These pictures were all taken in the only good thing in January: 2 of the cutest kids ever!)
So HURRAY for FEBRUARY! Glad January is another year away!

Playing with Daddy! I LOVE the big picture of the Brookie Monster! You can see all of her dimples. If you look really close, her hair is out of the pigtails that she was in during the day and she has scrazy "Beast" hair (meaning they look like horns!). Brooke just gets cuter and cuter everyday. She talks (babbles) like a maniac. She is always talking to someone or something and tries to parrot what you say!

Tori LOVES being in boxes. We have a diaper box that remains folded on the side of the couch waiting for her adventures. She likes to hide in it, pretend that it is a castle, read, play with her dolls and, of course, color! She refused to get out of her dress on Sunday. She even napped in the thing! She is obsessed with everything Disney Princess. Knows all of the princesses by name and can sing all of their songs. It is quite adorable!

I couldn't take it anymore! The sun (although it is too far away) was beckoning me to go outside, so I put the girls in multiple coats and we went to play outside in the 30* weather. Mind you, we only lasted 30 minutes, but it was worth getting out of the house! Brooke LOVED the ball and the swing. She also tried out the slide and liked that too, but was to swift to get a picture.

Tori was all smiles and I even let her swing, even though clearly she is too big! She even gave her tricycle a try...she still gets really frustrated with it. She will learn! A little into the cold, she demanded that she wear my hat because she was so cold!

Family Home Evening. While the kids eat their FHE treat, we had a lesson on the Iron Rod. It was fun. Tori sang "I am a Child of God" (she knows 2 verses...her Nursery teacher says that she is the only one that sings and knows all of the words to every song...she really can hold a tune!) and then we read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". This is one of Tori's all time favorite books...this is actually our second copy because the first copy got mangled after a year and a half of use. I LOVE the pictures of Jason reading to the girls!
How am I making a blog at 4 in the afternoon you may ask? the girls actually play by themselves sometimes! Oh, and I also just put in "The Little Mermaid". DISNEY, I LOVE YOU!


Collett Family said...

I am happy that is it February too! Today at dinner, Courtney noticed it was already getting dark and sighed. When I asked what was wrong, she said, it is dark, now we can't go on a walk. We need the sun too!

I also love the picture of the Brookie Monster. Both of your girls are so adorable. It is fun to watch them grow.

Sawyers Family said...

I am with you on January being MISERABLE!! Can't wait for heat and humidity down here in the south!!
Your girls are adorable!!

Jessica said...

Hear hear to January. Sigh. And that sun is so beautiful, isn't it! Sometimes I just pretend it's Spring if I don't see the snow and have all the blinds open in the house. It's really nice!
Your girls are so cute. Love how they play together. It's such a nice thing, isn't it?!