Monday, February 14, 2011

Funky Hair and Family Rock Band

HaPpY VAleNtinEs DaY!

Brookie's hair is getting longer. You can't tell by just looking at it because it is so dang curly, but I decided to try out pigtails and it worked! So CUTE! Look at those curly q's! You may be thinking, why did Kendra pick the picture with Brooke carrying the kitchen sink? Well, I just think that it is a little hilarious that Brooke carries around the kitchen sink like it is a purse. She puts everything into the kitchen sink and totes it around the house.

Meet the Dinger Family Rock Band aka The Ringers! When Tori was little she loved to dance to Rock Band and Jason and I played it all of the time. Well, we pulled it out one night to introduce the newest member of the band to the group. Brooke thought it was a little strange at first, but then got into the music and got her groove on! Tori was so excited because she graduated to a BIG guitar. I think that we will have to get her one of those card board ones. We also let her beat on the drums while Jason and I grooved on the guitars. You can tell by the pictures she is a true ROCKER!

Brooke definitely liked the drums the best. She hopped on the chair and struck up a beat. She also played a few tunes on the Backyardigans guitar, but I think her favorite was dancing. As for our peanut gallery: Cami was comfortable. All in all The Ringers had a good run that night. I think that we will pull it out again soon!


Kendra said...

Our girls crack me up! I'm sitting here at work laughing with a mouthful of peanut butter bar in my mouth! Trust's a sight. Well, I had to take this opportunity to tell you, Kendra, how much I love you and am so grateful you are my friend. I can think back and pinpoint the moment my life became so much better to a phone call we had before we were dating. It was then that I pulled my head out of the ground and realized what a special friendship we could have. Of course, you knew it all along--typical one-step-ahead-of-me-ness. Since then our friendship has grown and our love has become stronger. You are easily my best friend, Kendra, and I can't imagine having a better eternal companion! I love you so much! Happy Valentine's Day! :)


Lora said...

Oh Jason! You are so tender. How adorable you are, and on valentine's day! What a man you have, Ken! Anyways, I feel like I can't follow up after his comment.

So I will just leave you with how adorable I think your children are and how patient of a mom you must be to get that little amount of hair into bitty pig tails. You are a miracle worker. I love you tons and the girls. Sorry it has taken me so long to get to looking at your blog, it took me 4 days to write my last entry. I love you and your little rockers. xoxo

Stephanie Braithwaite said...

Oh my goodness! The girls are so big!! They're adorable. We can't tell you how much we miss having you guys next door. TRULY!