Monday, February 21, 2011

Ducks, A Doctor's Visit, Dum Dums, Dressing Up & Daddy

I was tired of being in this house! YIKES! Our weather has totally been crazy lately. We had this fun storm a few days ago that in a matter of 10 minutes we had so much hail that it covered the ground and it came complete with thunder and lightning. Tori thought the hail looked like white chocolate chips...I thought they looked like big diipin' dots. The next minute it was sunny and all of the hail had melted. Then it started snowing! There have been 3 nights (including yesterday) where the snow covered the ground in the morning, but by afternoon most of it melted!

We had to get out...and in a heat wave of 48* we went out to feed the ducks. Tori was beyond excited and it was fun to see Brooke with the ducks. She wasn't very old the last time that we went, and didn't really care all that much, but this time she was totally into it! We brought tons of bread and we were there for a good 30 minutes.

Brooke liked to chase the ducks...the poor things thought she had food, but every time I gave her food to give to the ducks she would eat it and then run after them! He he he! tori likes to get up close and personal with the Canada Geese. But she also chased the ducks around too. This time I let her hold her own bag of bread. She thought she was pretty cool. she really wanted the swans to come out and play, but they were just too comfortable in that water.

Of course, there always has to be one goose that is a nuisance. The goose that faced off with both Tori and Brooke (pictured above with Tori) bit Brooke 3 times. Mind you, she had layers of clothes to actually feel the bite, but she even got goosed in the butt! Ha ha ha! Tori was very sad that we had to leave, but I think that we will be visiting the ducks a lot in hopes to see some ducklings in the future!

Brookie had a doctor's visit to weigh in and such. She is 32 1/2 inches tall (90th percentile) and 22 lbs, 11oz (50th percentile). So in other words she is a skinny giant. But the cutest giant I know! Of course we had to get Dum Dums at the doctor's office. That is how I bribe Tori to get back in the car! These pictures are a little blurry. If I take pictures with the flash I wash my poor Brookie out, but without the flash every little movement makes for some blur...oh well, she is dang cute with blue all over her lips!

Dressing up! Definitely couture! tori LOVES to play dress up and one day I took out the camera. She is a princess in all of these pictures (I was informed) and princesses sing, and dance. Tori is adorable!

CUTEST pictures ever! I LOVE my family!


Alli Blue said...

So CUTE! I love that hat Tori has on! Like a Princess Elfkin or something! You are a great Mama!

Collett Family said...

I can hardly believe how big Brooke has gotten. She does seem tall! "Those Dinger girls" are adorable.