Friday, July 9, 2010

Ahhhh...Summer fun: Pool, Sunshine and a Night In

Wow! I just downloaded the last pictures off of my camera! I know. This is quite a feat!
One day (don't even ask me the date because I cannot remember) I took Tori outside during Brookie's nap for an hour of pool fun! Oh boy... it was a hit. Tori was a little skeptical at first, but as you can tell by the pictures she was inside the pool in no time. At the front of the pool there was a sprinkler, but Tori didn't like it up too high and it became a little drinking fountain. She proceeded to get drinks and then spit them at me. A couple times she was so fast that I thought she was going to get the camera wet. All in all she had a blast. I think that next time we will get the bigger pool out too because this small one was a bit to small for swimming. (That's Tori's favorite thing to do in the bathtub.) Tori got her first little sunburn on her shoulders, but she tanned right up in a few days. Please note that she wasn't wearing a swimmer diaper, so she is sagging! Ha ha ha!
I have taken about 50 pictures of out little miss sunshine in the last few weeks. She is so cute sitting up and she has just stepped into her 6-12 month clothes that just are sooooo cute on her. Brooke is always smiling and she gives the funniest little faces for the camera. I took the one with baby food all over her face today and the ones in the light blue shirt & jean shorts today. Her new favorite thing to do while she talks is to make raspberries. She spit her food all over her face today when she learned that it is more fun to do raspberries in your peas! ha ha ha! I had the camera close by and I took a shot, priceless.

Jason and I don't get out much having such small munchkins. We will soon get out on the town without munchkins, but when money is tight and when you have to pay a babysitter it can get a little pricey! ( I mean, let's figure it out...dinner: $40, movie:$20, babysitter:$ all adds up!) Well, I decided to take matters in my own hands. Using our new grill I made grilled steak kabobs with red peppers and onions (scrumptious!), huge baked potatoes with chives, broccoli and grilled pineapple. All served on our china (ok...maybe our walmart plates), using our silver(ware), in our crystal glasses (that is the only real thing!). Jason even picked me a whole vase of roses from our rose garden out front!
Although the steak got cold (because we had to put Brooke down), we were serenaded by Elmo (because Tori was still up and to keep her entertained Elmo was in the DVD player), and my pictures didn't turn out so great (because I forgot to close the blinds and I didn't realize until later that I hadn't taken a shower and I was wearing one of my work shirts), we were able to have good food (that is what a microwave is for!) & conversation!
After Tori went down we watched "Invictus", which is a fabulous movie, and we ate Tillamook ice-cream. It was a great date night in. It was fun! and I am sure we will do it again!
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Lora said...

The Hello Kitty Swimsuit is adorable. I love it. And way to go on your date night "in." Everything looked fabulous. I cannot believe those roses came from your garden, they are BEAUTIFUL. I will watch your kids for FREE(of course) while I am there, so that you can actually get out....just to ensure warm food, and no elmo voices in the background. ;) Have I mentioned that I can't wait to see you?? I want a baked potato. :)

Burch Family said...

That dinner looked delicious! You are so creative. I've already ordered the book you suggested. I can't wait to read it! Thank you so much for your help!