Friday, July 2, 2010

Is my life really that busy?!

I know that is what you are thinking! Ha ha ha! Well, I will let you see what the girls have been up to and if you want you can read the captions! I still have to blog about a Dinger Family Shindig (All of the Dingers plus the Choltkos came for a visit and I still haven't posted a blog). This is what happens when my munchkins wake up at the lovely hour of 6 AM and their naps don't overlap (because Tori decides that napping is optional sometimes!)!!! At this very moment in fact she decided that the doorway was a better fit place to sleep than her bed. I went to put Brooke down for a nap and ran the door right into Tori! She slept through it and she is still sleeping like a log although there is a chainsaw going right outside her window!
That is motherhood and boy do I enjoy it!

You need to click on these to make them bigger. Brookie now recognizes the camera and becomes a complete ham when I get it out...on the other hand, it is really hard getting a smiley picture of Tori! Tori has recently learned to ride "Horsies" on our backs. She loves it. At first it was a little shaky, but now she is a pro. Brookie is sporting the cute little blue dress that Tori got from Auntie Joy. I love this dress. It is like an heirloom dress.

Isn't she adorable!!! Brooke has learned how to sit up! And she falls so gracefully. Tori just clunked down. There was no grace! She is already starting to scoot around and gets up on her knees to do the bouncy thing...all mothers know that his is the precursor to crawling! Ahhhhh! She also performs gymnastic moves like the bridge: with her back on the floor and pushes up on her feet and hands, and also the bear walk: just the opposite of the bridge with her stomach down and feet and hands on the ground! She is babbling a lot too. She says dadadadada, mamamama, and bababababa. Isn't the corner right picture hilarious?!
Tori has all the sudden become a mag pie. I love it. She says anything and everything (or at least tries!). Her other new found hobbies: hat wearing and dancing in the rain.
On hat wearing: Brooke needs to wear hats in the sun, so I pulled the hat ziplock out of storage and it became Tori's new friend. She loves hats! The two she is sporting in this collage actually belonged to my nephew, Oscar! All the clothes are from Livy! This purple dress is soooo cute! Tori loved it too; she immediately twirled in it when she got it on.
On Dancing in the rain: One day, right before Daddy came home, Tori and I went out to play in the sun. Well, to our surprise it started raining out of no where, but good thing she had a hat on! The rain didn't stop her one bit. She played on the wet slide, danced, and even made footprints on the cement with Daddy that evaporated quickly because it was still 80* outside! She loved watching the rain make polka dots on the cement. She is so fun! (Please note the fabulous mac and cheese on her shirt front! ha ha ha!)

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Lora said...

Cute pictures!! Little Miss Sunshine is always so cute in her pictures. As is Tori. I love that picture of Brooke in the light blue dress. And, I love that pic of Tori in the laundry basket with her Raggedy Ann doll. So cute. You are becoming quite the photographer and Picasa master. I approve. :)