Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Young Women + Lake + Boat + Inner Tube = F-U-N!

What more can you ask for on a scorching summer day? (It was 96* on the least the water was warm!) I packed up my munchkins, left them with a friend and off I went! We went to Black Canyon Reservoir up near Emmet and we had a blast. Of course I participated in the tubing...look for me in the pictures (it's like where is Waldo, but where is Kendra). I love the inner tube, especially when I get to go fast and feel the exhilaration, but not get soaking wet in the process. I am sure that Brother Jones tried to knock me off a couple times because we were going over those wakes like no one's business, but he said he wasn't trying very hard and we didn't capsize. I had soooo much fun! The last time I went boating I got knocked off of a banana and there is now a diamond earring at the bottom of Hyrum Lake in Utah! We also had a picnic dinner and s'mores to end a perfect activity. When are we going again?

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Lora said...

That looks like so much fun! Don't you love being in Young Women's?? I do. So glad that you could get away from your little ones for a little while and have an adventure!!! 96 degrees! Ugh! Dare I even mention that right now it is only 64 degrees. ha, ha, ha.