Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Days

There is a lot of fun going on in this house! We are trying to keep cool in our weather. Summer activities include watching shows, drawing, coloring, singing, dancing, listening to music, reading, playing with toys, going to the library and of course, the POOL! In this lovely collage you will notice me attacking the girls on the LUV sac. We decided to keep the "Big Ball" in the living room so that we can enjoy it during the summer. Tori loves to watch her shows on the "Big Ball". As you can see, she invites all of her friends to join her to watch Sesame Street. Her other favorites include: Dora (Season 3 because it has a purple background), Wonder Pets, Blue's Clues, Elmo, Baby Einstein, and Muppet Babies. We love going to the library and getting new movies! We also have Netflix on our Wii (it is a must have!). Tori plays with Brook a little bit more lately and will talk to her or bring her a least she exist in her world! Please note that the drawing on the magnadoodle is a "cat". Tori told us. Tori is talking so much and will at least try to say anything that we tell her to say. Our new favorites "I love mommy (or daddy)" and "ah man!". Oh and we have officially switched titles, we are now Mommy (not mama) and Daddy (not dada). We miss the old titles, but she says the new ones soooo cute, we will let her keep them.
Isn't she the cutest thing?! We were stopped at least a half a dozen times at Wal-Mart on Saturday by people saying how cute Brooke is or how beautiful and big her eyes are. It was funny! She is growing like a weed and it is fun to watch her character develop. She is so fun! She is very curious about things, always happy and makes the funniest noises. There is not a food that she does not like! She has eaten just about every flavor of baby food out there and loves it all. It is getting really hard to keep her from watching TV because she moves around all over the place! She does have a new tooth! But of course there is no need to complain about anything here, she is a really great baby and we love to watch her grow!
We decided to pull out the bigger pool and boy did Tori have a blast! We put the slide in and she loved that too. We have invited some of her friends over to come and play in the pool too. In this collage is Tori's "bestie" Hannah. They were so cute playing in the pool and sprinklers. They hug all the time. It is quite tender. I love the picture of her blowing a kiss to the camera and the one with her big wide smile! She is getting so tan and now officially has a pretty prominent swimsuit line! Her hair gets blonder every day in the sun too. Who would have guessed. She has amazing coloring! As you can see, Tori loves to drink water any way she can. It grosses me out!
Oh, and Jason and I hired our first babysitter so that we could go see Eclipse. We left after the munchkins were in bed and had some delicious Frozen Yogurt. Then we went to the movie. It was really fun to get out, but way expensive. At least we got out! I have also been cooking up a storm here and trying new recipes. It is way fun! Yesterday for a Visiting Teaching lunch I made a chocolate cream pie and today for a Pie and Quilt Tie activity for Relief Society I am making a Cream Cheese Chocolate Mud Pie! It looks marvelous and I hope that I get to try it! Well, our summer is going great and we are waiting in anticipation for Yellowstone next weekend and for the Olesens to come in 24 days! We are stoked!
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Lora said...

I am loving the combo of the slide with the pool. Genius. Oh, and I am thinking about buying a slip and slide for you while I am out there. You definitely have the space for it in that monstrous backyard, and my kids will have a blast with it while they are there. I can't wait to see you too!!! yay!xoxo

Lora said...

PS. Where did you find Muppet Babies???? I can't find it on Netflix. Reruns on TV???? Library??? I miss Muppet Babies!!!

jocie said...

Your girls are seriously too cute. And you are such a cute mom making summer so fun for them!