Monday, July 26, 2010

Cookies, Coloring, Penguins and Cuties!

I made these delicious cookies on Wednesday for a YW service project. Anyway, Tori had to try them out of course and she was so funny with them that I had to take pictures to remember how much she cherished her chocolate chip cookies! I thought I loved chocolate chip cookies, but I guess not as much as Tori!The first one she devoured in a matter of seconds. The second one, that is where the cherishing started. She sang to it, danced with it, played with it, hid it, and slowly ate it morsel by morsel. The next day she had another cookie and this time she ate it bit by bit until the last bite that she shoved in her mouth! What a funny girl!

One day we were super bored and it was way to scorching to go outside, so we decided to color with markers. As you can see, she loves markers. She is not such a fan of crayons when she is being an "artist". But the consequence of markers is the great big mess. Tori always turns into a colorful tattoo! This is the most Tori has actually colored! She did it for about 45 minutes. Check out her pointillism in the Winnie the Pooh picture! Hurray for washable markers!Tori has also started drawing things. The top picture is a "Tee" aka "Tree" and the bottom is "Aninals" aka "Animals". She makes drawings all the time on her magnadoodle, but I am lucky to catch them before she quickly erases them.Thursday, which is 1/2 price day at the zoo $3.75(!) for us to go visit the aninals! Tori loves seeing all of the animals and we actually got to pet a Badger. Sorry, no pictures of that, but it was super cool. Tori loves to watch the penguins and although the zoo was super crowded, Tori and her buddy, Hannah got front row viewing. It was fun to get out of the house even though it was blasted hot!I really love this dress on Tori, but I can never get her to look at me and smile when she is wearing it. Oh well, this will have to do! Better luck next time! Tori is growing up so fast and with that she is growing an ever bigger attitude! I think that she will be just like me S-T-U-B-B-O-R-N! She threw a fit the other day that lasted at least 1/2 an hour because we wanted her to come to dinner and she had to stop playing with her toys (back-story: we just went to Goodwill and got this Sesame Street CD book that I have wanted to get Tori, but could never justify paying $20 for in the store, but at Goodwill: only $1.49. Needless to say she loves it with a passion greater than food and reason. It is now hiding for future playing fun. We also got 6 "new to us" My Little Ponies for $1.99 and Disney Princess Nesting Blocks, another toy I have been wanting to get her but couldn't spend $10 for just card board with pictures on it at the store, but at Goodwill: $1.49). I think we are now entering the "terrible twos"!And last, but definitely not least, Brookie. I think that she is getting bigger every day! I can see her growing! It is crazy! She is so fun to be with and she is such a laid back baby.


Lora said...

I can relate with Tori, I like to slow dance with my chocolate chip cookies. Wait until I come and make her THE ginormous chocolate chip cookies. Livy will have adverse effects on Tori I am afraid, she will just add to the attitude. Not such a good example is the "how not to throw a tantrum" department. She is a seasoned expert in that field, and I am sure that Tori will learn lots of fun stuff from her. Ha ha ha. Oh, Little Miss Sunshine, I miss you. She is looking more and more like "Gwennis" everyday. She is perfect. And of course, Tori is a doll despite the attitude. PS. please tell the hot weather to leave before I get there. I am only used to it staying under 75 degrees. Love you.

Joy said...

Thank you soooooo much for posting these pictures. I need these cute faces to brighten my frazzled (sp?)days. Tori made me want the cookie just watching her. The classic picture at the bottom of the post of her with her arms crossed and you just see her eyes. Priceless!!!! Love you guys. JoyJoy